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By April 20, 2021News

Dear followers of the Serbian and Christian knight heritage!

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Royal Order of Knights, we would like to inform you that,  due to the world restrictions, THE KNIGHT FEST 2021 – International Festival of Knightly Culture and Tradition, at the Belgrade Fortress, which is organized in cooperation with the City of Belgrade, Belgrade Fortress, Tourist Organization of Serbia, with the blessing of His Holiness Serbian Patriarch, and under the auspices of HRH Princess Linda Karadjordjević, will not be able to gather its chivalrous friends from all over the world, its partners and participants, as well as its audience – children, parents, families and tourists, as it has been doing for 18 years during the most beautiful holidays dedicated to children – Lazarus Saturday and Palm Sunday.

Dear friends,

All of you who are faithfully waiting for this year’s traditional KNIGHT FEST, we wanted to make you happy, strengthen you, appease you and reward you in some way.

That is why we are giving you the video KNIGHT FEST 2021: “Towards the Resurrection”.

With this video, we wish you a God-pleasing continuation of fasting, which aims to purify us all, and return us to the path of light, joy, hope, the Resurrection of the Lord – the Love that surpasses all understanding!

We also suggest that you take a look at the many selected programmes from our previous festivals that we have collected for you, on the YouTube channel of the Royal Order of Knights  and KNIGHT FEST https: //

Let the Palm Week of Knighthood remind us of all princes and princesses, younger and older, who have been our friends and growing with us since 2004!

We wish you and us a happy adulthood: 18 years of chivalry!

We remember all the knights, ladies, falconers, archers, horsemen, special units of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Defence, our sacral artists, masters of forgotten crafts, music ensembles, singing and dancing societies and soloists, drama artists and poets, guardians of ancient chivalric skills and art from all over the world … all those who are an indelible part of our unique knightly fairy tale!

All these 18 years, the participants of the KNIGHT FEST simultaneously celebrated the last, royal entry of the Lord Jesus Christ into Jerusalem, where he was greeted as a king with the exclamation of the people and children: “Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord, King of Israel” (John 12, 13). From the Typikon of the Great Church of Constantinople (ΙΧ-Χ century) it is learned that a procession with palm branches went through Constantinople, as well as through Jerusalem, as it does today in all Orthodox temples of the world, and through the main street of Belgrade and Kalemegdan during our festival.

During the Palm Week of Lent, every day girls go to the meadows and pick wildflowers, which they use to decorate houses and courtyard buildings from the outside. They are most often adorned with oxeye daisies and common daisies. Somewhere, the girls are girded with willow rods, and the boys with young nettles. And at the Belgrade Fortress, all children wear wreaths and crowns on their heads, bells around their necks, swords and cloaks.

A knight is light, joy and hope.

The spirit of a knight and a princess is kind, calms and appeases a person.

It gives us hope to look to the future with faith.

We want you to be with us again with your soul, to have your hearts open next to us, and to be filled with the KNIGHT FEST and love!

With faith in the knight victory!

See you next year at the Belgrade Fortress!


Board of Directors of THE KNIGHT  FEST