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The Knight Fest 2018

By May 2, 2018May 1st, 2021News

KNIGHT FESTIVAL IS BREAKING RECORDS: Already on the first day of the festival, more than 50,000 visitors enjoyed the Knight Fairy in the Belgrade Fortress! Traditionally this year, on Vrbica and Cveti for fifteen in a row, a festival of knight culture was held, and the fifth time under the name “Vitez fest” (Knight Fest), organized by the Royal Order of the Knights. The knights and nobles returned the visitors back in the past and reminded in an authentic way how it was in the time of Despot Stefan Lazarević when he placed Belgrade for his capital in the 15th century.

In the heart of the city, in the center of Europe, fairy tales live, and all those who have gathered together with the sole aim of spreading the knightly culture and tradition are the proof. A magnificent event, opened with a spectacular concert in a special ambiance, in the gunpowder magazine of the Belgrade Fortress. An ancient mystic interior completed the experience of this opening ceremony of this year’s festival. The sounds of the band Renaissance, the jazz band Joavan Maljoković, the dramatist Ivan Vučković, the opera soloist Tanja Andrijić, the choir Rosa and many others, the ceremony inspired the present and the Knight Fest was officially opened.

The first day of the festival started with the spectacular defile of this year’s participants from Prince Mihailo Square to the plateau of the Belgrade Fortress. Knight fest is growing from year to year, therefore this year’s exhibitors of their works and other artwork were over 50. In the main stage, more than a thousand participants were shifting cultural and artistic points. After the ceremonial defile, visitors to the festival were addressed by the deputy mayor of Belgrade, Andrija Mladenović, the author of Festival Hadži Zoran Dušanov Mrđenović and the representative of the JP Belgrade Fortress Marija Mijić.

They welcomed all the visitors to the festival and emphasized its importance to the city, and that this is an ideal presentation of our capital and state to foreign tourists who year after year are more and more in our capital.
Thus, at the ceremony Zoran Mrđenović presented knight associations from Poland, Belgium, Russia, Belarus, the Republic of Serbia, Hungary, Montenegro, and regions, falcons, archers, artists of old crafts and church arts, as well as “modern knights” police, SAJ, gendarmerie of Serbia.
A rich program has provided a great opportunity for the kids to have fun and find themselves the most interesting sector. On the first day, a knight tournament was organized. They skilfully showed their skills in fencing and fighting. The crowd did not hover ovations, smiles spoke more than a thousand words.

Therefore, the knights tried to make a true knight fight and the atmosphere was just like on tournaments from the time of Despot Stefan. The members of the 5th Battalion of the Military Police of Serbia showed their excellent training skills and delighted the audience with discipline, courage, and special attention was drawn to the only lady in the battalion!

For the joy of the kids as well as other visitors to Knight Fest, guests from all over Europe brought equipment authentic to the knights of the countries they represented. Visibly moody and pleasantly surprised by the audience’s interest, they were happy to photograph and talk about the knight’s culture and the family they belong to.

Spring day and more than 50000 visitors made the Belgrade Fortress, surprisingly and the organizer of the Knight Fest, again surpass the expectations of the visit of the first festival day. The organizer of festival Hadži Zoran Mrđenović, explains the fact that this festival spreads love in a knightly manner and emphasizes that only when love is shared does it not take away, but multiplies. That’s why all these children, many tourists, guests, the inspiration for this festival from year to year is getting better and better.