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TSAR LAZARBrothers and sisters,

Dear friends and followers of the spirit of our knightly ancestors! We have the hounour and spiritual obligation to share with you an omen, also referred to as a “miracle”, in Christian tradition, which we discovered a few days ago.

In the eve of Vidovdan, one of the most important icons of the Royal Order of Knights – the icon of Saint Great Martyr Tsar Lazar began streaming myrrh on many spots, mostly in the region of his head.
Myrrh-streaming has been recorded a lot of times at many places around the world. Although it is mostly connected to icons in churches, it can also occur in the homes of Christians.

In Christian tradition, myrrh-streaming is undoubtedly a “sign from above”. Most of the time they warn believers to repent and to strenghten their faith. The teachings of orthodox holy fathers tell us that myrrh-streaming should be perceived with fear and trembling. It is clear that it is a mysterious phenomenon, but it is uncertain whether it is a herald of the good or the bad. Does Saint Tsar Lazar in this way give us the sign to be cautious because troubles and suffering are ensuing, or is it a joyous sign that the Serbs are again turning to God, renewing their souls and ancient knight code?

Nevertheless, it should be referred to carefully, without exaltation. Mark the Evangelist says: “You can only admire the thing you cannot understand, but don’t you dare dismiss it…”. On 28 June 1389/6897, i.e. 15 June according to the old calendar, the Battle of Kosovo – one of the greatest battles of the medieval knight history, happened at Gazimestan. Vidovdan is the most important Serbian holiday and it represents the remembrance of all the Serbian knights killed in all the wars.

Saint Great Martyr Tsar Lazar all saint Serbian knights, pray to God for us +

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